Pone: For the love of Pizza

There is a saying, that all good things must come to an end. I started writing this post a couple weeks back about my favorite pizza place in the city; ready to share my secret with the world…ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT THEY ARE CLOSING.

Needless to say I was devastated. Gioia Pizzeria has been home to many dates, birthdays, baby showers, dinners and nights posted up at the bar with my best friend talking about work, our dreams, our lives, all while satisfying our love for pizza. We call this pone-ing. Her term, not mine, and can be defined as the act of eating delicious pizza and fulfilling your pizza craving (which let’s be real never really goes away.)

So I’ll keep this short and just inundate you with beautiful photos of pizza. And not to worry– they’re relocating shop to Hayes Valley and taking over the space that was previously occupied by Two Sisters Bar and Books. They’ll purportedly have the same pizza, but for takeout, which I’m sure I’ll still frequent. In the meantime I’ll be out scouting a new neighborhood spot to welcome me with open, flour covered arms.

Classic Pepperoni Pizza- we add arugula every time for an added peppery punch.
Maitake & King Trumpet Mushroom Pizza with kale, parsley & thyme pesto and mushroom aioli.